On April 13, people’s deputies of Ukraine approved amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On the State Budget of Ukraine for 2020” by 249 votes.

The law provides for establishment of the Anti-Coronavirus Fund, with the total amount of UAH 64.7 billion.

This Fund will primarily finance efforts aimed at preventing the occurrence and spread, localization and elimination of coronavirus infection outbreaks. In particular, these are:
– procurements of medicines and equipment, as well as medical services under the program of state medical care guarantees;
– fringe benefits added to the salaries of medical and other workers who are on the front lines of the battle against coronavirus infection;
– financial assistance to family members of medical and other health care workers who died of acute respiratory disease COVID-19.

The Fund’s resources can also be used to overcome social and economic consequences of coronavirus epidemic. If necessary, the Pension Fund, Social Insurance Fund, and the Fund of Compulsory State Social Insurance of Ukraine will receive additional funding from it.

“The state will provide assistance to those who need it most. We must be realistic and we must understand that the main thing for today is to protect as much as possible those who are fighting the pandemic at the forefront. And we also have to support those who have been left without means of living as a result of the economic collapse. We must provide assistance to the elderly and low-income people,” Olena Moshenets said.

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