This Privacy and Privacy Policy sets out the procedure for processing personal data by the site,

What personal information does the site collect and for what purpose?

The person who submits the request through the website grants the right to process their personal data in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine and for the purpose stated below.

What does the person submitting to the website agree to?

A person agrees to the processing of their personal data, including to any action or set of actions, such as collecting, registering, accumulating, storing, adapting, modifying, restoring, using and distributing (distributing, selling, transfer), personalization, destruction of personal data, including the use of information (automated) systems.

A user of agrees to send information, emails to their email addresses, and phone numbers.

Let’s help together

This section publishes help requests. It aims to attract the attention of public and all those who care, in order to help citizens together.