On February 1, Olena Moshenets, people’s deputy and Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Anti-Corruption Policy, addressed students of the Political Education Center upon invitation of the educational establishment. The people’s deputy spoke on the peculiarities of work of assistants-consultants of people’s deputies of Ukraine.

In the process of communication, Olena Moshenets answered numerous questions from the audience. In particular:

  • Why does an assistant consultant often become a professional family member of a deputy and how important trust is among professional skills?

  • Why do you need to define for yourself ‘What am I an expert in?’ and how to implement this expertise in practice?

  • Why is it important to work in spheres adjacent to politics, and what are the possible paths into big politics?

  • Why do we need specialized anticorruption agencies, and how do they work?

  • Why does critical thinking begin with oneself?

Olena Moshenets thanked the Political Education Center for the invitation and noted that profound personnel changes in the parliament are impossible without participation of qualified specialists.

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