On February 27, people’s deputy of Ukraine Olena Moshenets received ten visitors at the reception office of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. These were residents of Kyiv and Luhansk regions and the city of Kyiv.

Pensioners, persons with groups I-III disabilities, labor veterans, persons born in time of war, a member of a family with many children, an internally displaced person, a military service veteran, and an unemployed turned to the people’s deputy of Ukraine.

“Working with people is an incredible experience, because you can really observe the difficulties our citizens are facing. These people live next to me and my purpose is to help them. I appreciate everyone’s appeal and I will do everything possible to solve their problems,” Olena Moshenets said.

The next scheduled meeting with the citizens will be announced soon.

Let’s help together

This section publishes help requests. It aims to attract the attention of public and all those who care, in order to help citizens together.